The Silver Knot

Forest of Dean Investigations Book 1

DI Jeff Carver needs a solid result to save his career in Gloucestershire CID.
When the strangled body of a nuclear scientist is found in the Forest of Dean, Carver and his ambitious young sergeant, Claire Moss, rush to the scene.
High-tech forensics and an on-line trap soon point towards a suspect, but in a post Brexit Referendum Britain staring at a potential energy crisis, larger forces could be at play.

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"It is always fun to read about local places in novels but I did find it a page turner. The style was crisp. Ok a lot of product names but this is a style popularised by Dan Brown and this book was crisper. The technical aspects which are central to the story were very well explained. I liked the flow. Short chapters and an excellent ending. Obviously well researched.

This is not a book about characters and their motivations but their deeds. It is a police procedural. Yet paradoxically their relative blankness made the book stick in my mind more. How fate treats people! The story is so credible.

A good read."

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"Thought provoking first novel

A basically good detective story but with some thought provoking exploration into areas I have not seen covered in police fiction before. Written in a down-to-earth style, the characters are more believable and fallible than some novels but where required the facts are there to back the story up. I couldn’t quite believe some of the numbers but they check out - which is scary!"

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"A great read. Fantastic plot with a light and energetic writing style make this book difficult to put down. The plot is well researched and there are also some surprising insights into the UK's energy situation."

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