Client: JISC, Janet Reach

JISC is the organisation that provides the high speed data network and internet connectivity to the UK academic sector.

Known as the Janet network, it connects UK universities, FE Colleges, Research Councils, Specialist Colleges and Adult and Community Learning providers. It also provides connections between the Regional Broadband Consortia to facilitate the DfE initiative for a national schools’ network. Over 18 million end-users are currently served by the Janet network. 

Janet Reach Website

Janet is government funded and was recently awarded funds to connect industry to the network in order to facilitate and help collaborative research between industry and academia.

Hi Consulting was contracted to devise a method to allow this to happen whilst staying within the EU State Aid Legislation. Following the design of a successful strategy, Hi Consulting has now been contracted to develop and deliver the Reach Programme.

We have delivered for Janet:

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