Training and Courses

Hi Consulting is able to offer training programmes in business development to a range of clients. Our Academic Course for Enterprise (ACE) has been successfully delivered in a variety of forms to both under-graduate students and academic staff in a number of universities. All courses are provided by Tom Harris who brings extensive academic and business experience to the subject.

Academic Course for Enterprise

The full ACE programme can be run over a number of months and includes interactive sessions on:

The programme involves the participants developing a business case and plan for their own business and tutorial time is also recommended. Most programmes conclude with a finale event where each participant makes a business presentation in a mock competition for funding with a prize for the plan that raises the most investment.

Individually tailored sessions have also been successfully provided to collaborative project groups to assist them in the development of exploitation plans and project plans.

Courses and programmes can be arranged to suit your exact requirements, please contact us to discuss your ideas and needs.

Principle Consultant, Tom Harris, has also written the book "Start-up" which closely follows the structure of the course.